The Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center is the continuation of the successful project work for the development of the acatech “Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index” and deepens the competence and expertise built up during the project period. In addition, the “Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index” is to be established as a quasi-standard for Industrie 4.0 transformation through comprehensive application. Through the previous application projects and industrial contract research as well as consulting projects for industrial companies of the participating institutes, the necessary broad practical experience is available in addition to the in-depth technical expertise.

Thus, a strong consortium is dedicated to the professional exchange with the affected industrial companies and the development of a strong community. Together with you as a partner of the center, we develop your vision of Industrie 4.0 through the holistic approach of the “Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index” and access to corresponding experts, and implement it in your own company with the help of a tailor-made Industrie 4.0 roadmap.