29. January 2019
Mark Global B.V., a leading Dutch business development company that provides next practice direction, guidance and operational execution support to the business leaders of tomorrow, and the i4.0MC – Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center announce a strategic partnership to drive awareness and adoption of digital transformation at manufacturing companies in The Netherlands.

Dipl.-Inform. Christian Hocken, MBA, Managing Partner at the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center:  “We are pleased to be able to bring our experience in the German and international markets to the Netherlands as well. The cooperation shall enable Dutch innovating hubs to leverage the best from two approaches: enhanced business development paired with superior internal digital transformation.”

Mark Litjens, founder and CEO of Mark Global; the partnership with the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center strengthens our strategy to be the preferred business development partner for manufacturing organizations that want to lead in the fast changing world. The Industry 4.0 Maturity Index framework adds incremental value to the Mark Global NxXT approach for Industry. Together we are able to deliver a truly transformational growth approach by shaping an Industrie 4.0 vision, a clear strategy and a detailed roadmap for manufacturing organizations.

About Mark Global:

Mark Global is an entrepreneurial team of new trades, which is dedicated to guide technology-based and knowledge-intensive companies, machine OEM’s and (manufacturing) industries in their business development challenges at strategic, tactical and operational levels.



Mark Litjens, founder and CEO

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