An overview of our service portfolio:
The Industry 4.0 Maturity Center accompanies all steps of digital transformation


Gaining insights into opportunities and risks and creating a momentum


With us, you can experience technological possibilities in a demonstration environment, develop a feeling for the opportunities and risks of digitalization, and generate strong momentum among your employees.”


  • Consistent understanding of digital transformation across the company
  • Momentum among your employees


Possible Service Modules

Awareness Event

one-day event on RWTH Aachen Campus

  • Keynote presentation
  • Hands-on workshop “Internet of Things“
  • Presentation of the demonstration cases in the Demonstration Factory Aachen
  • Idea generation workshop for the client company

Workshop Digital Disruption

One-day workshop on RWTH Aachen Campus or in the company

  • Creating an understanding of digital business models
  • Analysis of the client company’s business model
  • Scenario development for disruptive attacks on the client company’s business model based on the digitalization
  • Consolidation of the greatest opportunities and risks for the client company

Defining a vision and strategic guidelines for the digital transformation

Value Propositions

Together with your management, we develop the strategic parameters for the digital transformation of your company.”


  • Vision for digital transformation
  • Strategic parameters for digital transformation

Possible Service Modules

Strategy audit

One-day management workshop

  • Analysis of the competitive arena of the client company
  • Analysis of current and future success positions
  • Derivation of strategic areas of activity for digital transformation
  • Definition of strategic goals


Two-hour customer interviews (approx. 5 – 15)

  • Analysis of requirements from important customers
  • Analysis of the restrictions of important customers
  • Outlook for medium- and long-term development trends of important customers

Analysing the digital maturity stage and developing a digitalization roadmap


“Based on an established framework, we develop a tailored, internally accepted digitalization roadmap for your company.”


  • Assessment of the client company’s maturity stage for Industrie 4.0
  • Measures to increase the client company’s maturity stage for Industrie 4.0
  • Prioritization and interdependence of the measures

Possible Service Modules

acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index

One-week assessment in the company (per business process)

  • Analysis of the digital maturity stage of the business processes in the areas of information systems, resources, organizational structure and organizational culture
  • Site visits to the business units and processes in scope
  • Workshops and interviews with experts and the management
  • Analysis of the maturity stage in the back office (results after approx. one week)

Roadmap of digital transformation

One-day workshop at the company to discuss and agree on a roadmap

  • Identification of measures to increase the digital maturity stage based of the prior assessment
  • Temporal prioritization of measures along the maturity stages
  • Alignment of measures with strategic company objectives
  • Identification of interdependencies between measures
  • Joint discussion of the envisaged measures and the roadmap

Detailing strategic programs to implement digital transformation

Value Proposition

“We jointly turn the measures of the digitalization roadmap into programs including detailed project and investment planning.


  • Project plan for the implementation of the Industrie 4.0 roadmap
  • Investment planning for the Industrie 4.0 roadmap

Possible Service Modules

Assessment of Measures

One-month study (approx.) involving experts from the company to develop and agree on a project plan

  • Analysis of costs of the measures based on market and product information, involving experts from the client company
  • Assessment of required internal and external resources to implement the measures, involving experts from the client company

Project Planning

One-month study to develop and agree on a project plan

  • Identification of staff and divisions to be involved in the project
  • Comparison of required and available resources
  • Consideration of  interdependencies between the measures
  • Transfer of results into a professional project management tool

Controlling the digital transformation with the help of an Industrie 4.0 Management Office

Value Proposition

“With a mandate from the company’s management, we direct and monitor the implementation of strategic programs and measures for the digital transformation process.”


  • Structured and efficient implementation of the measures
  • Regular reporting to management

Possible Service Modules

Industrie 4.0 Management Office

Supporting the client company in the medium to long term

  • Management and communication of the requirements and objectives of individual sub-projects
  • Pooling of project status information
  • Creation of synergies between individual projects
  • Management of conflicts and problems in the project implementation process
  • Regular reporting to management
  • Regular updating of project and investment plans